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Master Class:
Deriving Strategic Insights from Germany's Sustainable Hydrogen Journey for Japan

[Master Class] Deriving Strategic Insights from Germany's Sustainable Hydrogen Journey for Japan

The German government coalition has recently unveiled a highly anticipated update to its National Hydrogen Strategy, aimed at expediting the advancement of a robust market for this vital fuel source. This strategy is regarded as a crucial component of the country's trajectory towards achieving climate neutrality by the year 2045.


We are delighted to welcome Ms. Andrea Triki, an esteemed Senior Expert specializing in Hydrogen Policy and Strategy at the German Energy Agency. The agency stands as a tangible embodiment of Germany's unwavering commitment to transitioning its energy landscape, acting as the nation's foremost center for promoting energy efficiency, renewable resources, and intelligent energy systems. Its role is pivotal in shaping and executing Germany's overarching energy and climate directives.


Ms. Andrea Triki's profound insights into Germany's intricate energy panorama, particularly within the domain of hydrogen, are truly invaluable. Her in-depth exploration of the newly unveiled hydrogen strategy will shed light on its contents, innovations, and consistencies, providing a unique opportunity to comprehend the valuable lessons, formidable challenges, and notable successes.

Meet the Speaker:

Ms. Andrea Triki, Senior Expert – Hydrogen Policy & Strategy, German Energy Agency GmbH (dena)

Andrea Triki is a Senior Expert for Policy and Strategy at the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena), with a special focus on hydrogen policy. She joined dena in November 2022, but has already been working in the field of hydrogen policy for about 3 years. Previously, she worked as a hydrogen and climate policy expert at the German climate and development NGO Germanwatch. She holds a Master in Global Change Management and from the beginning of her professional career has been interested in facilitating a fast while also just global energy transition.

Insights Brought to You by:

Ms. Andrea Triki

Senior Expert – Hydrogen Policy & Strategy

German Energy Agency GmbH (dena)


Kayla Shi

Content Analyst

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